WRX Exterior Paint Review

WRX Exterior Paint is a fully water-based product designed for use on exterior masonry. It is an acrylic copolymer with an eggshell finish. You can buy this paint online in brilliant white and it costs around £10 per litre.

This is described as a breathable paint, meaning it will allow water to leave a painted surface, but blocks moisture from penetrating the other way. Touch dry in around an hour, but you should wait 6 hours before recoating.

My WRX Exterior Paint Review

I’ve been using this paint for the past couple of weeks. It certainly feels a lot different to any other masonry paint I have used to date. It feels very thin and has an unusual smell, plus it doesn’t feel like latex when it dries. Most other masonry paints feel like you’re coating your stone work in plastic.

The instructions on the tin say you should prime a previously painted surface before applying your WRX Exterior Paint, so you expect it to have poor opacity. This isn’t the case. In fact, the opacity is fairly good, but colour changes generally take around 3 coats. Moreover, because the paint is thin, it is very quick and easy to apply. You can work it into every corner, and cutting-in is a dream. You don’t get any brush marks like you do with other masonry products.

Like any other WRX product, the adhesion is absolutely bang on! You need to leave it 24 hours to cure properly before you test it, but trust me, once it has cured, it will be solid. The overall finish is fantastic too.

Final Thoughts

I was already a big fan of WRX paints, in particular their satinwood and spray paint. WRX Exterior Paint is just another fantastic product in their range. It’s a joy to use and looks awesome once cured. What more could you want?


WRX Exterior Paint Review (Wall Paint) – by Mike Cupit


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