How Should We Choose the Room Colour?

Choosing a Room Colour: How Should We Choose the Colour for Each Room?

Imagine: You have a new place to live, and each room is painted in the same white tone. Minimalist people may be delighted with the idea of an all-white house, but most people shudder at the thought of colorless walls. If you belong to the second group, we have some suggestions for you about which room color you can choose for each room.

The best colour tips for rooms

Choosing a different paint color for all the rooms in your house can surprise, overwhelm even the most determined people. Do you want something bright and colorful, or dark and moody, or pale and neutral? If you are planning to sell your house in the future, one of the best decisions is to paint it with colors that will be effective in selling the house. Follow these colorful tips from realtors to find out what color to paint the walls of your house for each room.


For the color in the kitchen, opt for something energizing or bold. Recently, especially navy blue walls with golden fixtures and accents are popular.

A rich navy blue looks very stylish with all kinds of metals, especially with the gold fittings that are currently trending. A great way to update a tired kitchen, make it feel more stylish and new. It can be used for kitchens in a yellow tone that feels refreshing. The kitchen is a more active room in the house, so you obviously want the color to match that mood.

Living room

Realtors say neutral colors are best in the living room. The living room is a large open space where your personality comes to the fore and reflects with furniture, accessories, paintings, and other items. Among all this, you surely want to create a stylish theme that can adapt to any color shift. For example, if you want more color explosions, create a wall in a different color that will shine out, or add fun tones to your decor.


Many bathrooms are tiled with white tiles around the bathtub and sink. But if you reflect this by the color of the paint, any dirt will be as if a spotlight was held on the pole. Try something bold and dark to make it look clean and contrast with the upholstery.


Choose a color in your bedroom that you find relaxing. It is a very personal space and the paint color should reflect it.

In the bedrooms where we sleep, ideally, the room should be painted in relaxing and calming colors. For some people, this may mean warmer colors, but others may prefer cooler shades. Shades of blue can often have a calming effect, so cold or warm blues are a great choice for the bedroom. Some grays, purples, or greens have blue in them, so they can also provide the wanted calming effect.

Dining room

Especially for dining rooms, take a decision based on how much natural light the room receives. If the room is getting a lot of light, choose a fun, energizing color like jewel tones to make the space feel active. But if you have no natural light at all or very little natural light, use a paint color that brightens the space, such as white or off-white.

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