Bedroom Painting Ideas

Painting your walls according to these bedroom painting ideas can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your bedroom or guest bedroom. No matter which color or color scheme you choose, it will not only change the look but also the feeling of the room. If you are undecided when choosing a color for your bedroom from among the popular paint colors, this article will help you.

Every color arouses a certain feeling and this should be taken into account when choosing paint colors. For example, coral energizes while new blues and fog color are soothing. Before choosing a paint color, you should not only consider how it will look, but also how your bedroom makes you feel and decide accordingly.

Master Bedroom Painting Ideas

You should choose the wall paint color for your master bedroom, especially considering the size of the space. Lighter colors make the bedroom space look larger, while darker colors make the space look smaller.

Consider the Current Decoration

When choosing a color for your bedroom walls, consider the color scheme of the current decoration. If you want to save money when redecorating, you’ll need to make the most of the available furniture and accessories so you will not have to go out to buy completely new furniture and accessories. Do you want to match paint colors with an eye-catching color in the city, your furniture, or the great color tone on your pillows? You may choose one of the WRX Trade Water-Based Interior Wall Paints.


As for colors, brown tones work well with soft blue tones, while navy blue creates a fresh and clean look with dark blue and white. Besides, dark wall colors are ideal to relax those who have difficulty in sleeping.

Room Utilization

When deciding the paint color for the bedroom, consider who will use the bedroom. For children, a dark color like green or coral can be a great choice. Likewise, dark red can be very stimulating for the bedroom or guest bedroom, while extra light lilac can give a sense of calm.

Paint Color for Guest Bedroom

It can be difficult to find out how to choose the paint color for the guest bedroom. Unlike the master bedroom, you’ll probably spend much less time in the guest bedroom. It is possible that the bedroom color scheme you prefer might not appeal to your guests. Make sure that you prefer calm colors that arouse a feeling of tranquility to make your guests feel at home.

Add False Coatings or Textures

Using textured techniques and a fake surface can easily enliven the walls. If you want a rather design-oriented bedroom paint idea, you may want to use marble or artificial granite effect, which adds dimension to the walls and create a texture illusion.

Consider Lighter Colors

If the room to be painted is small, choose a lighter color that makes it look wider. In case of doubt, choose softer or more subdued colors, such as white, creamy beige, brown and gray tones. If you want to add some character to the room, you might want to prefer an accent wall.


While some say that you should avoid painting the ceiling in a color other than white, you can still prefer light or neutral tones as they may surprise your guests. If you want to add some dimension to the room, consider a non-disturbing color such as light gray or beige.

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