How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior? Eight Signs It’s Paint Time

How often should you paint your house interior?

Painting the walls of your house is helpful. It not only increases the comfort of the house, but also brings many advantages. So, how often should you paint your house interior? If you’re considering to paint the walls, perhaps it’s time to explore WRX Trade Colors and assortment.

Eight Signs It’s Paint Time

1- Renovation

When walls need to be painted, it really doesn’t matter when they were last painted. A fresh coat of paint conceals defects, refreshes the room, and instantly changes the mood of a room, so there’s no wrong time to paint walls. For lucky people who maintain their walls undamaged, it’s time to paint again in about 5 years.

2- Fading Paint

Darker colors fade faster than lighter colors. Today’s modern paints feature fading-resistant technology, and need to be renewed after a certain period of time. Walls, which are constantly exposed to sunlight, fade faster than the walls in shaded spaces. Fading may also occur due to poor quality paint, incorrect painting techniques, or chemicals.

3- Cracking

Cracking is also known as peeling. Paint cracking often causes problems on the walls of your house. Three most common causes of paint cracking include improper surface preparation before painting, extreme temperature, and aging of the paint. Cracking not only looks bad, but can also be an entry point for pests.

4- Colour becoming outdated

Our personal styles change over time. What we like for a few years may cease to appeal to our eyes. Trends come and go. If you are bored with the current color of the interior walls or if the walls are far from the modern trend and style, you should examine the trend colors of WRX Trade Wall Paints to renew your aesthetics.

5- Damaged Walls

Friction marks, holes, and debris reduce the attractiveness of walls in a house. In the case of multiple damaged areas on a wall, things will get worse. Damaged walls should be repaired if necessary, and then, professionally painted your favorite paint color.

6- Stains and Mold

Stains make the walls look bad, especially if caused by mold. Mold can be easily detected and hopefully removed by a professional at this point. Mold is dangerous and poses potential health problems for the household.

7- Selling the House

Painting a house before offering it for sale may seem like a time-consuming huge investment, but it will make the house look better and more valuable. Freshly painted walls increase buyers’ interest, helping the house to be sold faster.

8- Water Damage

Water damage may occur due to a plumbing leak, hot water heater incident, roof leak, or many other causes. Regardless of the cause, it is necessary to repaint the damaged wall. Water damage usually causes brown or yellow stains on a wall, and may also result in lines and other deformities.  Replace the drywall before painting walls damaged by water. If the damaged wet drywall is not replaced timely, it may lead to mold formation and additional damages.

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