How to Make a Spray Paint Stencil Out of Different Objects

If you enjoy spray painting, at some point you might ask yourself the question, how to make spray paint stencil out of different objects. Stencils are creative and fun way to express yourself, really easy to use. You can modify objects and give them new custom patterns of your choice. You just have to follow […]

How to Spray Paint Flowers the Right Way

Flowers are beautiful but have you ever tried to spray paint flowers? You can spray paint flowers with WRX Spray Paint to give them a beautiful and vibrant colour look that maybe difficult to achieve naturally. Also it gives you the possibility to get the flowers in your favorite colours, including metallic, choosing from WRX […]

How to Spray Paint Wood Furniture? Renovating Wooden Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Wood Furniture, when looking for a new furniture, one can’t help but consider a renovation instead of paying full price for a new piece. After all, a change of colour can make anything look brand new. WRX Spray Paint can be your budget friendly solution! Can you spray paint wooden furniture? Can you […]