WRX Spray Paint Review – Aerosol

WRX Spray Paint Review by Daniel Wilson   WRX Spray Paint is a high-quality acrylic paint with high coverage. WRX’s meets all requirements for professional users. Intended for indoor and outdoor usage.   It has excellent adhesion, good characteristics and is suitable for various materials painting. For example, Iron, brass, aluminium, ceramic, plastic, UPVC and […]

WRX Trade Ceiling Paint Press Release


Trade Decorator has been speaking with a couple of Decorators about the brand new WRX Trade Water- based Ceiling paint. Earlier this year, WRX Trade have released a brand new range of water-based paints. Paul O’Toole of Paint Projects and Joel Bardall of Bardall Decorating Services give us their opinions after trialling the paint on […]

WRX Trade Paint Review and Guide

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WRX Trade Paint Review and Guide By Mike Gregory WRX Trade Paint is relatively new to the British market, but it is certainly causing a little bit of a stir. Aimed solely at the professional decorator, they deliver premium quality products. You may pay more for WRX than you would for standard trade paint, but […]

Water-Based Satinwood Comparison Guide


Water-Based Satinwood Comparison Guide By Mike Gregory Water-based products are becoming more and more popular for interior woodwork for a few reasons. Not least the issues we experience with modern oil-based paints discolouring over time. I thought I’d put together a little comparison blog of all the water-based satinwood products I’m familiar with as a […]

How to Spray Paint Wood Furniture? Renovating Wooden Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Wood Furniture, when looking for a new furniture, one can’t help but consider a renovation instead of paying full price for a new piece. After all, a change of colour can make anything look brand new. WRX Spray Paint can be your budget friendly solution! Can you spray paint wooden furniture? Can you […]


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