Ways to Increase Positive Energy at Home Using Feng Shui

Ways to Increase Positive Energy at Home

It is possible to increase positive energy at home with Feng Shui which is a super popular way to arrange your home for ages. A practice used in China thousands year ago and people still use it in their lives and homes in today’s modern world. Feng Shui practice is personalized according to the date of birth that gives each individual their Kua number. Your Kua number gives you the best places for your furniture and belongings.

Depending on your thoughts, you may or may not choose to analyse the characteristics of your birth date. At its simplest, there are some Feng Shui ideas you can keep in mind when arranging your rooms.

Ways to Improve Positive Energy with Feng Shui Practice

Most people believe that Feng Shui has an effective role in energy and life. Along with your mind and body, Feng Shui is said to be the third part to the missing link of the law of attraction. If you are already working on your mind and body, these 5 Feng Shui tips for your home will help you out!

1. Say goodbye to sharp corners

Balance is eventually what your life and home needs. In terms of the home, make sure that there aren’t too many sharp corners and points. This even related to your plants in your home. Are all the leaves pointed and sharp? Or round an curved? This is the same for furnitures, too. It is said that sharp corners and points lead more personal conflicts in your life and home.

2. Being tidy

Tidy up, is something that every home needs on a regular basis Everything around you effects you in some way Good or bad. The idea behind getting rid of negative things is energy and opportunities around you. Have a look in each room, does it make you feel good?

3. Colour

Colours dramatically effect our mood, behaviour and life. Certain colours will benefit you personally. And some other colors will be good for specific areas and rooms of your home. The color gold is good for your office. It symbolises success and will attract more of that same energy. The color rose indicates love and romance, so it is a good choice for the bedroom. Using the color rose can just simply be done by pictures and accessories.

4. Power Position

For Feng Shui, it is said that you always want to see who is coming and going in your life. Which is why you should always be able to see the door. It is called the power position. You are responsible for the people you allow in to your life. It is the same for your home. In rooms such as the living room, office, bedroom; your furniture should be positioned so that you can see the door if possible. Your mind opens up to the new possibilities once you see the incoming flow.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the easiest tips and tricks in designing and enlarging an interior space. But that doesn’t mean mirrors are to go up on every wall. Think about what you are reflecting before you hang a mirror. For Feng Shui, mirrors are best hung in active areas.

The dining area is a perfect example for an active area. Having a mirror in the dining room reflects friends, family and food. In this way, you reflect positive and happy moments.

Mirrors in the bedroom opposite the bed are said to be no good. This reflects the person sleeping and therefore doubles the people in your bed! It is not a good sign for relationships. The television also counts as a reflective surface. If there is nowhere else, it would be better to cover them up at night.

Hope these tips help you out!

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