Spray Paint Furniture: Step by Step Guide

How to spray paint furniture? Before you start, you’ll need to know what spray paint you’re going to be using. If you are planning to paint outdoor furniture, features such as moisture and UV resistance is very important.

How to spray paint furniture?

Spray Paint Furniture

Step 1: Prepare!

Make sure the area you’re painting your furniture in is well-ventilated, lay down a drop cloth to avoid paint particles that may drop on your floor.


Inhaling small particles from sanding and painting may harm you. Always wear gloves and a mask when sanding and painting the furniture.

Supplies You Need

Step 2: Dissemble Furniture

Remove the seat covers, drawers, hardware and disassemble furniture if necessary. If furniture has drawers, remove and paint them separately. If you are painting (remove a) furniture that has cushions or material parts, remove that part of the furniture before beginning to paint.

Step 3: Sanding the Furniture

Remove any flaking of old paint with the help of sandpaper or a wire brush. Brush or sand your furniture thoroughly. Feel your furniture for any rough patches and sand them smoothly. Try not to remove the finish completely onlyfocus on making a rough surface so that spray paint can stick the surface of your furniture.

Step 4: Cleaning the Furniture

Items that contains dirt may not be coated easily. When sanding is done, use a tack cloth. That will help you clean your furniture from any remaining dust. Cleaning solutions or warm soapy water can help you to clean your furniture thoroughly. Make sure there are no small particles left on the surface. Let your furniture dry for couple of hours.

Note: Priming

There is no need to use primer.

Step 5: Painting

Shake the spray paint for about one minute before starting and intermittently during painting. Start by painting from bottom of your furniture, let it dry for 15 minutes and flip it over to cover other parts. Always hold the cans 30 cm away from your furniture while applying to avoid drips.  After paint is applied, wait 2-3 hours for the spray paint to compeletly dry.

WRX Spray Paint General Colours

Spray Paint is a high quality acrylic paint with high coverage. WRX meets all requirements for professional users. It is intended for indoor and outdoor usage. It has excellent adhesion, good characteristics and is suitable for painting various materials; iron, brass, aluminium, ceramic, plastic, UPVC and wood.

WRX Spray Paint Fluorescent Colours

Specially formulated to add bright glowing colours to advertising signs, displays, sport equipment, etc. Can adhere to paper, metal, wood, glass and most plastics. Extra brilliance and reflectivity are achieved when applied over a base coat of white paint.

WRX Spray Paint Effect Colours

Creates a rich metallic shine on the interior and exterior surfaces including wood, metal, plaster and more. These products are used in different industries for provifing a metallic finish to varied items.

Spray Paint for Wood and Furniture

Step 6: Varnish!

Varnish protects and fixes paint on surfaces like canvas, paper, charcoal drawing, bast fibre, wood, photos etc. Resist discolouring (non-yellowing) due to humidity, heat and ultraviolet light. For interior and exterior use.

Spray Paint Furniture

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