How To Spray Paint? – Spray Paint For Wood

Spray paint is the easiest way to obtain a smooth surface on wooden surfaces and wooden furniture. Spray paint is generally used to obtain a clean, flawless and pure color. However, brush painting can cause unwanted brush marks in your furniture. In our article, you will learn how to apply spray paints and what is the best spray paint for wood.

We will share with you the 6 steps you need to make in order to apply the spray paint in the best way.

In the wood, shellac or varnish coating must be removed from the wood before the existing paint is made. You can purchase various chemicals that you can find in the hardware store so that you can clean this type of material. On the other hand, sanding will also work, but the duration of sanding may vary depending on the material used on the wood.

How To Spray Paint Furniture?

Necessary materials for making green spray paint:


  1. Firstly, if you have decided to paint your wooden furniture, pay attention to the usage areas. For this reason, when you are painting outdoor furniture, choose a paint that has a high degree of moisture resistance and sun protection. In this regard to aviod painting antique furniture because changing these parts too much can damage their value.
  2. To begin with remove the various parts on the furniture you decide to paint. If you will use furniture in the style of a wardrobe and a dresser, remove the handles on the furniture. In addition, remove the drawers.
  3. You must sand thoroughly to remove any roughness on the surface. Firstly, start sanding with a hard sandpaper and then repeat the same process with a thinner sandpaper to obtain a smooth texture.
  4. Next clean your furniture with the help of a a damp cloth to prevent chips.
  5. Firstly, shake spray paint can at 1 minute. After, start painting with horizontal movements at a distance of 20-30 cm. In this way, you will get a better result and more smooth surface.
  6. In conclusion you should know, touch-free in 5-20 minutes. Full dry in 8-12 hours. Resistance to abrasions and chemicals in 24 hours.

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