DIY Home Projects – Home Decor Accessories

Diy Home projects

DIY Home Projects: Spray paints are utilized for many purposes. Spray paints are most widely used in DIY home projects and industrial areas.

How To Spray Paint?

Spray paint can apply wood, metal, plastic and many more metarials. WRX Spray Paint has many colour options. In this blog, we will express about a decoration idea you can make with 501 Matt White colour of WRX Spray Paint.

Home Decor Accessories

Necessary materials for making home decor accessories;


  1. You can use water, soap and soft brush for cleaning the metarials such as pomegranate,walnuts and pine cone. Especially, if you get these materials in outdoor, you can clean it because these materials may be dirty or covered with soil.
  2. After cleaning process, allow the materials to dry in the most perfect manner.
  3. Spread WRX Dust Sheet or your old sheet in the area where you will paint. Prefer to paint in the open air. Do not forget to use the WRX Mask.
  4. First of all, shake spray paint can at 1 minute. After, start painting with horizontal movements at a distance of 25-30 cm. In this way, you will get a better result and more smooth surface.
  5. Varnishing reveal on paint colours perfectly. Shake Wrx varnish well.
  6. Touch-free in 5-20 minutes. Full dry in 8-12 hours. Resistance to abrasions and chemicals in 24 hours.

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