How to Spray Paint?

How to spray paint, In reality, painting is not as difficult as it seems. It became much easier especially with the new tools developed with new technology. There are many different types of techniques and paint types depending on the type of material to be painted, your time, and purpose. One of these paint types is spray paint. But do we really know how to use spray paint? We tried to answer how to do this in this article.

How to Spray Paint Metal Wooden Furniture and Plastics

Spraying is sprinkling through small particles through the help of pressured gas. Painting through a pressured can is spray painting. It is possible to paint almost everything through acrylic, synthetic and cellulose based spray paints. You can even paint, metals, wooden items, plastics as well as concrete surfaces. Just like in every type of paint, there are special techniques to use the spray paint.

How to spray paint? First of all the, you need to make sure that the surface is free of dirt, dust, grease, etc. Spray paint should not be used in a wind area since wind can make the area messy and not allow full paint to stick to the surface.

How to Spray Paint indoors

If needed, you need to apply a primer to the cleaned surface. The can needs to be shaken for a couple of minutes in order to achieve the correct colour. The nozzle should be kept at 20-25 cm distance and parallel to the surface to be painted. Due to spray paints’ fast drying features, it would be enough to wait for 15-20 minutes before applying the second coat. After the first 10 minutes of the application, there will not be any dust stuck, after 15 minutes you will be able to touch and in 24 hours full drying will happen. With a 400ml spray can, normally an area between 1.5 to 2.5 square can be painted. This all depends on how fast the material can absorb paint. In case you want to make the paint even more durable, you can apply a spray varnish on top.
Finally, before application, please make sure that there is no fire source around the paint and make sure you use protection like goggles, gloves, and mask. In case the material to be painted is small, use a protection sheet underneath in order to avoid the paint to spread out.

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  1. Geoff Fahey says:

    Hi there, I’m building a waterfall and there is some visible expanding foam that I want to paint out. Is your product safe for aquatic life (fish and plants) once cured. The water will be running over the small area (6” x 1”) that I want to paint.


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