Decorate Your Home with Spray Paint

If you would like to re-decorate your home or if you are bored with your old furniture, new and original ideas are here. You can easily have modern looking furniture with spray paint through plastic painting method. DIY home decor projects using spray paint. You can have a totally different style in your home with this technique by painting items including but not limited to plant pots, plastic garden furniture, frames, and side tables.

How to home decor projects using spray paint

Plastic painting method with spray paint: Easy and cheap solution

First, you can try the spray paint in a small unseeable part of the item in order to test its durability. In order to test, you can use the spray paint on the selected item and wait for it to dry. This way, you would be able to see he paint’s durability and quality before applying it to the whole item.

After testing the product, you may sand the product to be spray painted carefully in order not to leave any residue. This way you will be able to prepare the item good enough to have smooth and equal surface. In case, you think the plastic surface is not good for sanding, in order to achieve the same result, clean the surface of the item with a cloth and wait for it to dry. Once you are convinced the items surface is ready to paint, you may proceed to spray painting plastic paint method.

Just like you want it: Colours and patterns

With WRX’s various colour options you can create many new and creative designs. You can refresh a chair with applying different colours or patterns and achieve a more aesthetical design. You can use different designs, just like you like, different colours and patterns and create a new hobby for yourselves.

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