How To Spray Paint Plastic the Right Way

Spray Paint Plastic

If your plastic outdoor furniture has lost its luster after a season exposed to the elements, or if you want to give an old plastic piece a refresh, spray-painting it is the easiest way to give it a dramatic makeover. While this is one of the fastest ways to revamp plastic, there are some important steps you’ll need to follow in order to prevent chipping and ensure that your hard work pays off. Now we will answer the question of how to spray paint plastic.

How To Spray Paint Plastic

I chose WRX Spray, which offers very nice color options.

What You’ll Need


  • Mask
  • Fine-grit sanding block
  • Plastic primer (in case of need)
  • Spray Paint
  • Clear sealer


  • Start by wiping down the plastic surface with mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol. This not only cleans the item, but it also helps to break down any sealants that may have been used on your brand new item. After completing this step, wash the piece with a wet rag and let it air dry.
  • Using a fine-grit sanding block, lightly sand the surface to a dull finish. This will provide some texture so the primer will stick. After sanding, dust the surface using a dry brush (a large paint brush works great!) to clear away the debris and wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Let your object dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • Apply the spray paint according to the directions on the can. If you’re painting furniture or something that will get a lot of use, give it about 3 to 4 coats, letting dry between applications.

If creating a color-block design: Apply tape to create a design, and use plastic to cover any area you don’t want to be sprayed with the first color. Let dry completely before covering over the first color and spray-painting the second. Continue until your design is complete.

That is all, enjoy your freshly painted piece

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