Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets are in good shape, and the only thing that bothers you is its colours, in just one weekend you can painting kitchen cabinets and make them new with WRX instead of replacing with new one.

Supplies You Need

Follow these steps if you painting the kitchen cabinets. Before you painting kitchen cabinets, decide what you want to see first. If your kitchen is in a spot of light, think about white painting, but if you have a room with light, you can choose grays, greens, blues and even more energetic colors. In addition, before painting kitchen cabinets, another issue you should be aware of is the color and material of your kitchen counter. For example, if you have a marble structure, you can use more pastel tones or if you have a light colored marble, you can go to darker tones.

Step 1: Dissemble Cabinets

Gather all the supplies you need. Remove all items from the cabinet such as doors and drawers. Remove cabinet fixtures (handles, knobs, etc.) and hinges on the doors and drawers. Always remember to keep track what goes where.

Step 2: Masking

Tape off any area of the cabinets that are not to be painted. Protect the surrounding area with newspaper or a drop cloth. If you don’t take time to cover all area that are not to be painted, it will end up look like a mess.

Step 3:  Sand and Clean

Sand down all surfaces with fine grit sandpaper. Main goal is to bring down the sheen. You do not need to hit to raw wood but to create a surface, spray paint something to stick to. When sanding is done, use a tack cloth. That will help you clean your cabinets from any remaining dust.  Clean all surfaces, wipe off the dust caused by sanding and make sure your surface free of any debris. Let your cabinet fully dry before applying any paint.

Note: Priming

There is no need to use primer.

Step 4:  Spraying Cabinets

Whichever work area you choose, make sure it’s well ventilated. Use a fan to expel air from the spray area. WRX Spray paint is ready to apply, no prime is needed. If you are planning to paint both side of your cabinet doors, always start by painting inside so that you’ll notice any mistake or problems early.

Always shake the spray paint for about one minute before start and intermittently during painting. Be patient and apply spray paint lightly. Rushing leads to drips and splatter. Always hold the cans 30 cm away from your cabinet elements and keep moving and while applying to avoid drips. Make sure to wait the paint to dry in between each coat of spray paint.

WRX Spray Paint General Colours

Spray Paint is a high quality acrylic paint with high coverage. WRX meets all requirements for professional users. It is intended for indoor and outdoor usage. It has excellent adhesion, good characteristics and is suitable for painting various materials; iron, brass, aluminium, ceramic, plastic, UPVC and wood.

WRX Spray Paint Fluorescent Colours

Specially formulated to add bright glowing colours to advertising signs, displays, sport equipment, etc. Can adhere to paper, metal, wood, glass and most plastics. Extra brilliance and reflectivity are achieved when applied over a base coat of white paint.

WRX Spray Paint Effect Colours

Creates a rich metallic shine on the interior and exterior surfaces including wood, metal, plaster and more. These products are used in different industries for providing a metallic finish to varied items.

Step 4: Reassemble

Make sure to wait for paint to be cure, leave a full day before reassemble everything.

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