How to Spray Paint Wood Furniture? Renovating Wooden Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Wood Furniture, when looking for a new furniture, one can’t help but consider a renovation instead of paying full price for a new piece. After all, a change of colour can make anything look brand new. WRX Spray Paint can be your budget friendly solution!

Can you spray paint wooden furniture?

Can you spray paint wooden furniture? Whatever kind of wood you have, WRX Spray Paint works without the need for any primer, even if it is pressed wood/particle wood, plywood or cardboard panels.

Do you need to sand wood before spray painting?

If renovation of a wood furniture is the question in hand, one thing is for sure: we all want to avoid sanding. So is it possible to spray paint wood without sanding? It depends on the condition of the piece. If the wood has a smooth surface and doesn’t have paint on, then the answer is yes, you can avoid sanding wood furniture when you use WRX Spray Paint!

However, if the furniture in hand has been painted and is heavily varnished, you might want to consider sanding the surface beforehand. Because of the varnish, it might be hard to cover the previous paint. Once you sand the surface, you can follow the same steps, without the need of primer.


To spray paint a wooden furniture, start off by taping or unscrewing anywhere you wouldn’t want to get paint on, such as drawer pulls and hinges. Make sure the enviroment is well vantilated and has as little dust as possible. You can use a drop cloth to lay underneath the furniture to avoid getting paint on the floor. You can wear nitrile gloves to protect your hands. Then put on WRX Mask and you’re ready to spray paint your furniture.

Spray Painting

Before you start spray painting wood furniture, shake the can for at least a minute. This is very important to get the paint to be even and well mixed. It is good to shake the can once in a while when painting as well.

Hold the can about 30cms away from the object. Your start and ending points should always be outside of the area you want to paint. If you start off on the furniture, you will leave start and end marks. Spray the paint on the wood by linear movements, each time moving a little more below the area you painted. Be careful and don’t urge to spray paint wood with heavily coat the whole furniture at once. This will cause paint to drip. Instead, paint a light/medium coat at once and repeat 2-3 times(depending on your project, you can add more coats). If you coat too heavily and the paint is dripping, gently wipe off the excess paint with a clean piece of cloth. After each coat, wait until paint dries touch free then apply your second coat.

Drying time changes depending on the enviroment but you can check if the paint is dry by touching it. If you paint the next coat before the paint dries properly, there can be wrinkling on the surface. Don’t worry if there is any wrinkling, you can sand the surface once the paint is dry and apply a new coat.

Once you are satisfied with how your furniture looks, you can finish painting and let it dry in a well vantilated area for 8-12 hours. Your furniture is ready to use again!

You can further modify your furniture by colouring the piece into many different colours or changing the pulls. WRX Spray Paint works on metal as well, so you can spray paint any details to the colour of your choice.

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