How to Make a Summer House Decoration? 5 Great Suggestions!

Our living spaces are one of the most important indicators reflecting our spirit. How about renewing your soul with an awesome home decoration as summer approaches? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! In this blog article, we will give you 5 great decoration suggestions that will turn your house into a full summer house, and we wish you pleasant reading. 😊

1. Suggestion: Use Your Space Efficiently

The biggest obstacle to spacious houses is the lack of efficient use of space in your living spaces. It will give you great advantages to plan first of all what you will put where while proceeding step by step with the decoration.

The first step to using household items more efficiently is to move forward with a minimum of items, eliminating all the items that you consider unnecessary. In summary, the fewer useless items, the more peace of mind we can say. As a second step, it is the placement of the items that you think should be made. For example, instead of using a TV unit, you can mount your TV on the wall. Instead of multi-piece seating groups, you can choose one-piece seating groups. You can save a lot from your living space when you don’t use it by determining your dining table not in the size of a banquet, but in accordance with the size of your family and mounting it on the wall.

2. Suggestion: Choose Spacious Furniture

Furniture is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a house along with wall paint. As with everything else, the first impression is very important in our houses, you can cover both your guests and you with a deep refreshment and switch to summer mode with the furniture that gives the air of a summer house at first sight.

In order to choose bright and spacious summer furniture, you first need to take into account the location of your house, how much sun it receives and its size. In accordance with these preferences, you can also choose bright colours that chirp with appropriate lighting, or you can also take advantage of natural light by choosing light colours if your house receives enough sun.

3. Suggestion: Project the Spirit of Summer on Your Walls

We said that the first impression is very important, right? The colours on your walls are the ones that will most reflect the summer weather to you when you enter your house. We recommend you to use WRX Trade Water-based Matt Wall Paint to bring summer air to your houses and create floral walls this summer.

As for the colour, our advice will be to make a harmonious decision with your furniture. After evaluating the criteria such as the location of your house, the sun exposure and the size of the house, which we put forward in the selection of furniture, a parallel decision should be made in the colour of the wall paint. We recommend that you take a look at the WRX Trade charts to choose the most beautiful wall paint colours that will bring the summer mood to your house. 😊

4. Suggestion: Pay Attention to Simplicity in Floors

It is very important to pay attention to simplicity in the floor, regardless of your furniture and wall colour. An eye-straining floor can spoil the mood of a summer house and distract attention. In order to create peaceful and/or charming summer houses, we recommend that you choose floors that are certainly far from remarkable but have high functionality.

At this point, you can choose wood and combine it with items such as wall paint, such as furniture that you have created your summer house. For example, you can combine your light colour wall paint and furniture with darker wooden floors painted with WRX Trade Water-based Satinwood Paint.

5. Suggestion: Project Your Spirit on Your Decors

Just like wearing a watch, wearing an earring, wearing a bracelet are very important accessories for us people, our decor is of the same importance for our houses. We need to use as few items as possible when decorating summer houses, but we should pay attention to the fact that these items are very remarkable and have a story.

The most remarkable products with a story are the ones that carry a piece of the soul of people. Therefore, it will certainly be very stylish for you to display the decorations created with the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) philosophy in your living areas.


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