Stainless Steel Spray

Spray to clean and protect stainless steel parts. In view of the uniq formula, after cleaning a thin protective film is formed, which effectively prevents renewed adhesion of dirt. Product characteristics: Rust preventive. Restores and intensifies the gloss ? Not for sale to persons under the age of 16. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are age over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.

WRX Stainless Steel Spray: Clean, Protect, and Shine

About the Stainless Steel

Spray to clean and protect stainless steel parts, forming a thin protective film to prevent dirt adhesion, with rust prevention and gloss enhancement properties.

Ideal for microwaves, refrigerators, extractor hoods, counters, garden lighting, and terrace heating machinery, it offers excellent cleansing, corrosion prevention, and lasting protection with a user-friendly, misty spray pattern. Contains 400 ml of a mineral oil and additive blend, with approximately 80% VOC content, and a lemon scent.


Micro waves
Extractor Hoods
Garden Lightning
Terrace Heating Machinery

Excellent cleansing properties
Good corrosion prevention
Restores and intensifies the gloss
360° valve

Lasting protection

Non polishing

Misty spray pattern


Contents : 400 ml
Basis : Combination of mineral oil and specific additives
VOC-content : Approximately 80% w/w
Colour : Transparent
Scent : Lemon

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.
The aerosol should have room temperature.
Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C.
Before use, shake the aerosol.

To prevent scratches, remove loose dirt with a soft brush.

Apply stainless steel cleaner in an thin, equal layer and allow to take effect. Remove the dirt with a clean cloth. Polish to gloss with a dry, clean cloth.