Max Masonry Paint

Introducing WRX Trade Max Masonry Paint – your answer to top-quality, water-based, pure acrylic copolymer emulsion paint with a semi-matt finish. Our Masonry Paint boasts advanced formulation for exceptional coverage, ease of application, and time-saving properties. It’s built to endure rough atmospheric conditions and alkali effects, making it super durable. Its high breathability expels humidity and water from the applied surface while preventing any inward moisture. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, this paint won’t crack or peel over time. With the most advanced pigment technologies, WRX Masonry Paint keeps its brilliant color for years. It’s your ideal choice for all exterior surfaces prepared for a paint transformation.

Exceptional Coverage and Durability with WRX Trade Max Masonry Paint: Breathable, Bright, and Easy to Apply

About the Masonry

Transform your exterior surfaces with WRX Trade Max Masonry Paint, a water-based, pure acrylic copolymer emulsion that provides a semi-matt finish with superior coverage and durability. Its high breathability expels moisture, preventing cracking or peeling.

Advanced pigments keep colours bright for years, and its smooth consistency ensures easy application for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Safety is prioritized with low VOC content, making it eco-friendly and safe to use.


Ensure your surfaces are sound, clean, and dry before painting.

Repair damaged areas and remove loose or flaking material.

Special considerations apply to surfaces painted before 1960, which may contain lead.

Follow our application guidelines for even and consistent results.

Thinning the paint with water and proper loading of the brush are crucial for success.

Plan your project with an understanding of the expected coverage based on the surface type.

The drying times ensure a quick and efficient painting process.

Follow safety precautions to protect yourself during painting.

Ensure the safe disposal of waste paint and containers.

Contribute to a cleaner environment with low VOC emissions.