Contract Matt Pro

A quick drying water based emulsion, offers excellent coverage, with a breathable matt finish. Suitable for use on interior newly plastered walls and ceilings, allowing surfaces to dry

Contract Matt Pro: Quick-Drying, Breathable, and Excellent Coverage

About the
Contract Matt Pro

WRX Trade Contract Matt Pro is a quick-drying, water-based emulsion with excellent coverage and a breathable matt finish, ideal for newly plastered interior walls and ceilings.

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from debris before applying. Stir well, thin up to 10% if needed, and apply with a brush, roller, or spray. Two coats are recommended, with a drying time of 30 minutes touch dry and 4-6 hours between coats. Clean tools with warm water and store the paint in cool, dry conditions.


For best results, all surfaces must be sound, clean, suitably dry and free from anything that will
interfere with the adhesion of the materials to be applied. Remove any loose or flaking material
and repair damaged areas. Glossy surfaces should be sanded down to provide a key. Wear a
suitable mask if dry sanding. Avoid the inhalation of dust. Porous surfaces should be coated
with a ‘mist’ coat of WRX Trade Contract Matt Pro diluted with 30% clean water by volume.
Chalking, weathered and porous powderly surfaces should be treated with colourless surface

Do not apply in damp or humid conditions or room temperatures below +8°C. Stir well
before use. It can be thinned up to 10% with clean water if required. Suitable for application
by brush, medium pile roller, conventional or airless spray. For best results, load the brush
generously. Apply paint evenly and avoid overspreading. Two coats are recommended.
Extra coats may be required to cover an existing darker colour.

WRX Trade Contract Matt Pro will cover up to 13 m² per litre in single coat, depending on the
smoothness and absorbency of the surface.

Touch dry in 30 minutes under normal conditions. Allow 4-6 hours between coats. High
humidity can extend the drying time.

Remove as much paint as possible from brushes and rollers, before cleaning with warm water
or soapy water. Do not empty paint into drains or watercourses. Some local authorities have
special facilities for the disposal of waste paint. Replace the lid firmly.

Store and move in cool and dry conditions in a secure upright position. Protect from direct
sunlight, frost and extreme temperatures.