BBQ & Stove Spray Paint

WRX Trade introduces the ultimate solution for high-temperature applications with the WRX BBQ & Stove Spray Paint Black R9005H. This premium 400 ml acrylic paint is specially formulated to withstand extreme heat, making it perfect for a wide range of applications from barbecues and stoves to radiators and exhausts. Designed for both professional and personal use, this spray paint promises durability, high coverage, and exceptional performance in the most demanding situations.

Unleash High-Temperature Resilience with WRX BBQ & Stove Spray Paint: Durable and Versatile

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BBQ & Stove

WRX BBQ & Stove Spray Paint Black R9005H, a 400 ml acrylic paint, is engineered to withstand extreme heat up to 800°C, making it ideal for BBQs, stoves, radiators, and exhausts.

Its advanced MICROMIST nozzle ensures even application on materials like iron, brass, aluminum, ceramic, plastic, UPVC, and wood. Quick-drying and suitable for professional and personal use, it provides a durable, long-lasting finish with enhanced molecular bonding. Prioritize safety by following application instructions and confirming age eligibility for purchase. Trust WRX for high-heat projects.


Maximum Temperature: Resists continuous temperatures up to 600 °C and withstands peaks up to 800 °C.

Passivation: Requires a 2-day passivation period; on the third day, gradually bring the object to 300 °C to stabilize the paint before reaching the desired temperature.

Material Compatibility: Excellent adhesion on iron, brass, aluminum, ceramic, plastic, UPVC, and wood.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Suitable for various environments, ensuring versatility in application.

Unique Nozzle Design: The MICROMIST nozzle creates a whirl effect for even distribution.

Nano-Technology: Enhances the molecular bonding for a durable finish.

Coverage: A 400 ml can covers a substantial area, with exact coverage depending on the application's nature and surface porosity.

Semi-Gloss: At room temperature, the paint has a semi-gloss finish.

Opacity: To achieve full opacity, the paint must be brought to the operating temperature post-application.

Age Restriction: Not for sale to individuals under 16 years of age.

Responsible Use: Must be used responsibly and appropriately, following all safety guidelines.

Storage Life: Ensure the can is stored in a sealed pot at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and open flames.

Pressure Specifications: Comes in a 15 bar foil-coated can, indicating high pressurization and the need for careful handling.