Spray Paint Tips, How to Spray Paint Like a Pro

If you have a spray paint project in hand, these spray paint tips will save you a great deal of effort. Spray painting with WRX Spray Paint is easy, by following the advices below, you will ensure a fun and effective time.

Tips for Spray Painting Preperation

  • Wear WRX mask and nitrile gloves. It’s very important to not get any paint on your hands or to not inhale any gases. Safety first.
  • Always make sure you shake the can before you spray. It is a very important step that you should never skip. This is necessary to mix the paint and propellant well inside the can and ensures the paint comes out the can as it is intended to.
  • Don’t urge to heavy coat. Heavy coats cause the paint to drip. There is only so much paint the surface can hold. It is always better to apply multiple thin coats. At first, you might have the urge to coat the object in order to get more coverage but this is wrong. Be patient and you will see that the coverage of the paint starts to work better after a second or third coat.
  • Wait enough time between two coats. If you don’t wait for the paint to dry, it will wrinkle. Don’t worry if this happens, you can sand the object and add another coat to save it. Drying times change depending on the enviroment since things such as humidity, heat, wind etc. effect the drying process. WRX Spray Paint dries fast and is usually touch-free dry in 10-15 mins.
  • Before you start spraying your project, give a test spray on a scrap paper or such. This way you can know beforehand if you haven’t shaken the can well enough, if the colour is as you wish and etc. It will save you a great deal of time from sanding the piece and stripping it from paint.
  • Spray paint in a well vantilated area. Spray paint has a strong odor and it can take a while for it to wear off in a closed space. It is a good idea to spray paint in an open space.
  • Cover surrounding areas with cardboard or old pieces of cloth in order to avoid over spraying. You can also purchase a spray booth or make one of your own.

Preparing the Surface

               WRX Spray Paint is suitable for painting various materials; iron, brass, aluminium, ceramic, plastic, UPVC and wood. It requires no primer and has great coverage. Here are the spray paint tips for how you can prepare different surfaces for your spray paint project.

  • Always make sure that the area you are going to spray paint is clean off dust, oil etc. If the surface is not clean, it can cause the paint to chip. Use a vacuum cleaner then a tack paper for a great finish.
  • Smooth out the surface. If you’re painting wood, metal and such, use sandpaper to smooth the surface. First use a low grit sandpaper to get rid of old paint, varnish etc. then move up to finer sandpaper to get a really smooth finish. You can use wire brush on metal to get rid of rust. How well your spray paint job comes out depends greatly on how well you do this step.

Hope these spray paint tips helped you out, leave your questions in the comments below!

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