How to Make a Spray Paint Stencil Out of Different Objects

If you enjoy spray painting, at some point you might ask yourself the question, how to make spray paint stencil out of different objects. Stencils are creative and fun way to express yourself, really easy to use. You can modify objects and give them new custom patterns of your choice. You just have to follow some simple steps.

What Objects Can be Used as a Spray Paint Stencil?

When you are spray painting using stencils, there are no limits of what can be used as a stencil. For example, an old piece of lace fabric, tennis racket, used sticker sheets, old toys and so on. Flat objects will be easier to use but things like bottle caps or cookie cutters could be used as well.

How Do i Spray Paint Using Different Objects As Stencils?

If you’ve spray painted before, the process is not much different. You will first have to prepare your surface, choose a spray paint stencil, a colour for your base and then choose the colours you want to use your stencils on.


Prepare the surface or the object you want to use the stencil on. It can be a wall, vase, a canvas, a box etc. It doesn’t matter if the object is already painted or has any writings on them. WRX Spray Paint is high coverage spray paint. You can cover any previous paint that is on top of the object you want to paint with the colour of your choice. This will be your base colour and your stencils will go on top of it.

Sand the surface or the object before you begin painting the base colour. Sanding te surface will make it flat and even as well as make it easier for the paint to hold on to.

Make sure you are wearing WRX Mask while sanding and spray painting to avoid breathing in any particules or paint. Wearing nitrile gloves to protect your hands is a good idea since when spray paint dries on skin, it is difficult to clean.

Spray Painting

Before you start spray painting the surface or the object, shake the can for at least a minute. This is very important to get the paint to be even and well mixed. It is good to shake the can once in a while when painting as well.

First paint your base coat with WRX Spray Paint in the colour of your choice. Hold the can about 30 cms away from the surface or object. Be careful and don’t use too much paint at once. This will cause paint to drip. Instead, paint a light/medium coat.

Wait until paint dries touch free before you apply any more paint. Drying time changes depending on the enviroment but you can check if the paint is dry by touching it. If you paint on top of the base coat before the paint dries properly, there can be wrinkling on the surface. Don’t worry if there is any wrinkling, you can sand the surface once the paint is dry and apply a new coat.

Check your base coat and if needed, add a second coat of base. If no second coat is necessary, you can move on to spray painting using your stencils.

Place your stencil on top of the surface you want to paint. This part is completely up to your creativity. You can use different shapes to create a composition or make patterns. You can use tape to prevent object from moving. Again, hold the can about 30 cms away from the surface and apply the paint. When changing colours, again make sure you wait some time for the paint to dry. Enjoy!

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