What Supplies Do You Need for Spray Paint Art

Spray paint art is a fun and relaxing activity that gives you a chance to freely express yourself. Decorating your garden or living room wall with a piece of spray paint art can be a refreshing upgrade. It is also inexpensive and getting more and more popular each day.

So What Kind of Supplies are Used for Spray Paint Art?

The things you need can vary on your project but the must haves are protective wear(such as nitrile gloves and a mask), newspapers or old pieces of fabric and WRX Spray Paint.

If you wish to use different techniques on your spray paint art piece, you can get different nozzles for your spray paint can. You can get posterboards or a canvas if you wish to work on them. Stencils are also really fun to work with and is easy to use even if you are not good at painting.

Spray Paint

You will need WRX Spray Paint in colours of your choice. WRX Spray Paint is high quality acrylic paint with high coverage. It requires no primer and is ozone friendly. It dries quickly, it dries touch free in 15-20 minutes.

The paint is ready to apply, just shake the can for 1-2 minutes before you start painting your spray paint art piece and give some test sprays on a newspaper or such to make sure the paint is coming out evenly.

You can change the nozzle of the can to achieve different techniques of painting. Different nozzles give you the chance to change how the paint comes out of the can. You can use different nozzles to make thinner or thicker lines, different shadings and etc.

Protective Wear

First of all, you will need some protective materials. You should always wear a mask while using spray paint. Your clothes will likely get paint on them so wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. You should also cover your hands with nitrile gloves since spray paint is hard to get off once it dries on skin.

Newspapers or Old Pieces of Clothing

You will want to get some newspapers or old pieces of clothing to cover around the area you are painting so that you don’t get spray paint on the floor and such. These can also be used to test your spray paint before you paint it on your piece. Before you start, you want to make sure the can is well shaken and the paint is coming out evenly or if the colour is exactly how you want it to be. So giving a test spray is always good to make sure you are not making mistakes on your spray paint art piece.


You can use stencils if you wish to make patterns, add details to your painting or to simply make the job easier. You can print a drawing and cut through paper, cardboard or such with the help of a craft knife to make your own stencils. Simply cut through the lines of your drawing and paint over the empty areas with your spray paint. Or you can use different objects such as a tennis racket, wires, metal boards to spray paint and get their patterns on your spray paint art piece.

While using stencil, remember that the stencil should be stable and shouldn’t move while you are spray painting. You can use tape to secure your stencil on the place and you are ready to paint.

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