How to Paint Car Rims with Spray Paint

Car owners have the need to paint car rims every once in a while since car rims endure a lot of dirt and damage from the road. To paint car rims with spray paint is an easy and affordable way that anyone can do on their own. WRX Spray Paint has special car rim paint that is specifically designed for this purpose.


Start off preparing to paint car rims by removing the wheels from the car. Make sure the enviroment is well vantilated and has as little dust as possible. You can use a drop cloth to lay underneath the wheel to avoid getting paint on the floor. Wear nitrile gloves to protect your hands and WRX Mask to avoid inhaling any dust or paint.

Clean the car rim with a mixture of detergant and water. Then remove any dust, old paint, dirt and rust. How well the finished job will look depends mostly on how well you do this part. The surface should be clean and smooth before you start painting car rims. You can scrap the old paint and rust from the surface with the help of a wire brush or sand paper. If there is old paint on the surface, you don’t have to strip off the whole paint but rather create a smooth and even surface for paint to adhere.

When the surface is smooth and all the rust is removed, clean it to make sure there isn’t any dirt, dust or grease on the surface. Wash the rim again with a mixture of detergant and water, then rinse using rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits to finish.

Cover the tire and the valve stem with the help of painter’s tape and old newspapers or plastic bags to prevent overspraying. Only leave the rim uncovered.

Spray Painting Car Rims

Before you start spray painting car rims, shake the can for at least a minute. This is very important to get the paint to be even and well mixed. It is good to shake the can once in a while when painting as well.

Hold the can about 30cms away from the car rim. Be careful and don’t urge to heavy coat the whole piece at once. This will cause paint to drip. Instead, paint a light/medium coat at once and repeat 2-3 times(depending on the results, you can add more coats). If you coat too heavily and the paint is dripping, gently wipe off the excess paint with a clean piece of cloth. After each coat, wait until paint dries touch free then apply your second coat.

Drying time changes depending on the enviroment but you can check if the paint is dry by touching it. If you paint the next coat before the paint dries properly, there can be wrinkling on the surface. Don’t worry if there is any wrinkling, you can sand the surface once the paint is dry and apply a new coat.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your car rim, you can finish painting and let it dry in a well vantilated area for 8-12 hours. If you wish, you can add two more coats of WRX Spray Varnish, in the finish of your choice. This will provide further protection and give you the chance to choose from two available finishes of WRX Spray Varnish: matte and sheen. After it dries, your car rim is ready to be reinstalled and hit the roads once again!

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