How to Spray Paint Flowers the Right Way

Flowers are beautiful but have you ever tried to spray paint flowers? You can spray paint flowers with WRX Spray Paint to give them a beautiful and vibrant colour look that maybe difficult to achieve naturally. Also it gives you the possibility to get the flowers in your favorite colours, including metallic, choosing from WRX Spray Paint’s wide colour range.

Can you spray paint artificial flowers?

Yes, you can spray paint artificial flowers as well as fresh flowers! It is a really simple and cheap way of making the perfect arangement. Your creativity is the limit, whether you want to also paint the leaves, make metallic roses or make rainbow coloured bouquets and so on.


Make sure the enviroment you are spray painting in is a well vantilated. Seperate each flower from the bunch. Lay the flowers on top of a newspaper to avoid getting paint on the floor. Wear nitrile gloves to protect your hands, put on WRX Mask to avoid breathing any paint and you’re ready to begin.

Spray Painting

Before you start to spray paint flowers, shake the can for at least a minute. This is very important to get the paint to be even and well mixed. It is good to shake the can once in a while when painting as well.

Take a single stem in one hand and the spray paint in the other. Hold the can about 30 cms away from the flower. Start misting the blossom lightly while turning it around as you go. You don’t need too much paint so try not to over paint the blossom. Practice makes perfect so if it’s your first time, don’t worry if you mess up the first couple of flowers.

Shake the flowers to reveal any areas that may remain unpainted. If you want to achieve a darker tone, simply move the center of the flower closer to the can but again be careful not to put too much paint since it will start to drip and take away from the natural beauty of the colour. Or you can tilt the flower and spray paint the edges with more paint to tone the blossom.

For a light highlighted effect, hold the can about 40-50 cms from the blossom and again gently spray. You can use this with a  yellow tone to give the flower a nice autumn tone. You can turn the flower upside down and paint the bottom of the blossom for a more vibrant and fresh look.

If you wish to add additional coats, make sure to wait until the paint dries touch free. How much time it takes for the paint to dry depends on the enviroment in which you are painting. It usually takes 5-20 minutes. You can check by touching the flowers to see if they have dried.

Once you are satisfied with the colour, leave it for drying and arrange it as you wish in your favorite vase. And last but not least, enjoy your vibrant looking spray painted flowers!

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