Clear Spray Varnish, How to Spray Varnish Wooden Door

If you want a perfectly smooth finish as well as protection from external factors for your wooden door, WRX clear spray varnish is there to help you.

Why Should I Use Clear Spray Varnish on Wooden Door?

Varnish helps the wood to endure against the corrosive effects of weather. Wood, by nature, has pores in it. Things like dirt, moisture or oil from your hands can fill up in those pores. By varnishing the wood, you fill up those pores. WRX Spray paint forms an elastic protective decorative film coat with a remarkable strength against mechanical abrasions and chocks. This makes it more difficult for the wood to get dirty and easier for you to clean it. Clear spray varnish is very easy to apply and is one of the quickest ways to apply varnish on a wooden door.


First of all, make sure you are in a well vantilated enviroment. Take the door off its hinges and remove the knobs and such. If you can’t take the door off its hinges or can’t remove the knob, mask such with masking tape in order to avoid getting any varnish on them. Varnish may be clear but since it can be sticky and difficult to remove later, it is better to do a preperation.

Once you take the door off the wall, you will need to prepare a place where you can lay down the wooden door. Lay a piece of fabric on the ground in order to not get any varnish on the floor. Finding something like a sawhorse to put underneath the door to lift it from the ground will make the job much easier.

It’s time to prepare the surface to apply clear spray varnish. Put on WRX Mask to avoid breathing in dust or varnish.

If the door already has a finish on; You can remove a pre-existing finish by painting a chemical stripper on top of it then scraping off. Simply, paint the chemical stripper on with a paintbrush and once it has softened, scrape it off with a paint scraper.

If the door has a finish you don’t want to remove; Use a solution of trisodium phosphate and warm water to wash the door.

After that, sand the wood using first, a low grit sandpaper, then a finer sandpaper. Clean all the dust carefully with a damp cloth. Now you are ready to start spraying varnish on.

Applying Clear Spray Varnish

Before you start to apply clear spray varnish to your wooden door, shake the can for at least a minute. This is very important to get the varnish to be even and well mixed. It is good to shake the can once in a while when applying as well. Wear WRX Mask and nitrile gloves to avoid inhaling gas.

Hold the can about 30cms away from the object, then start spraying one side of the door by spraying back and forth until you cover the whole area. Then flip the door and spray another layer, perpendicular to the previous one. This will prevent leaving streak marks. After the first coat, wait for the varnish to cure overnight.

The next day, sand the same side with a fine sandpaper and apply another coat of varnish. Again, wait for it to cure overnight and the next day, spray the other side, repeating the same process.

After spraying the final coat, wait 48 hours for the varnish to dry and you’re done! Re-install the door and enjoy!

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